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By Stephanie Laurens
September 3, 2013
Stephanie's new SL logo in oval frame

This is my new logo, designed to answer the question:  How can a reader be sure that works seen online are from me? The answer is:

1) If the author is Stephanie Laurens (with the s) then that is me - that name is trademarked for use in books and on the web. If someone else uses that name as an author, they would be in violation of the trademark (sadly, of course, that won't necessarily stop them, but this was the best I could do).

2) For works by, for instance, M.S. Laurens, or any other similar name I might use, if you see the SL logo on the cover, then that is an assurance that the book is written by me. The SL logo, too, is trademarked for use on books and the web. For instance, on the cover of DESIRE'S PRIZE, my upcoming medieval romance, you can see the logo at top left on the cover.

So that's how you can be sure - if the name is Stephanie Laurens with an s, then that's me, but if it's some other name like M.S. Laurens, and the logo is on the cover, then that, too, is me.

Given the proliferation of authors - and yes, there is another Stephanie Lauren (no s) who publishes historical romance - it seemed wise to find some simple way of making the authorship clear. Regardless of the name, if you see the logo you can be sure the work is a genuine Stephanie Laurens work. The logo might be any color or size, but it will be the same logo.



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