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September 1, 2016

Here in the southern hemisphere, winter’s hold is finally breaking. The sun is shining and it actually has warmth in it! It makes me want to drop everything and laze like a cat—with my cats!—in the sunshine, basking in the warmth we haven’t had in months. My rhododendrons are coming alive and I’m seeing some fabulous colors lighting up my garden. I can smell the elusive perfume of daphne which always marks the start of spring for me. Now I need to start thinking about what vegetables I’ll try this season—I wonder what curiosities I’ll find to plant this year?


In the northern hemisphere I hope you’ll enjoy a long Indian summer, and the chilly weather holds off for a time. And when the cold winds come, hopefully you’ll find time to cuddle up before the fire and read a Stephanie Laurens’ novel or two!


The release of THE DAREDEVIL SNARED went off with a bang, and it sounds like many of you enjoyed the story. Obviously, Caleb and Kate couldn’t reach their happy ever after while still held captive in the jungle, but of course, there’s more to come on that and other fronts - all the other fronts! - in the final installment, THE LORD OF THE PRIVATEERS, which will be with you before you know it.


If you haven’t yet caught up with Caleb’s story, here’s what some have said of THE DAREDEVIL SNARED:


“Laurens’s rich characterization and well-thought-out plot make for a captivating adventure romance and provide elements of danger and surprise throughout the story. The vivid narrative, combined with quick cuts from scene to scene, make for an engrossing read with an ending poised to continue the adventure with yet another Frobisher brother.” Publishers Weekly 

“The vividly etched West African jungle setting gives a refreshing twist to Laurens’ latest Regency-set historical romance as she continues the danger-packed story line in the third title in her Adventurer’s Quartet, picking up where things left off in A Buccaneer at Heart (2016), only to leave readers on tenterhooks by the book’s conclusion.” Booklist

THE DAREDEVIL SNARED reached #10 on the New York Times Bestseller list - yay! 


I was happy to note that the e-book release proceeded with no issues. As always, if you ever come across something that seems amiss or cannot download a novel of mine, please contact us as we will always do our best to solve the issue.


If you haven’t yet purchased your copy, click on the cover below to be taken to retailer links.

The Daredevil Snared Cover


Which brings us to the final installment of THE ADVENTURER’S QUARTET. LORD OF THE PRIVATEERS is Royd Frobisher’s story. Eldest of the Frobisher brothers, Royd is sent on a rescue mission to finish what his brothers started. Taking Isobel Carmichael - his childhood sweetheart - with him did not feature in his plans, but fate intervenes, and together they find themselves sailing for West Africa. Both have their own reasons for embarking on the mission, and both are determined to see it through. They embark on a full scale assault of the mining compound hidden in the jungle outside Freetown - and discover that rescuing the captives is only half the battle. Returning to London and the glittering ballrooms of the haut ton, they, with the help of a small group of committed supporters, set out to hunt the villains down.


LORD OF THE PRIVATEERS is due to be released on December 27, 2016. The book is now available for pre-order - to arrange your copy, click on the links below.

 Lord of the Privateers Cover

I’ll be thrilled when this final installment hits the shelves, in e-book, audio, and in print, so I can finally share the end of the story with you! The wait’s a little longer than I would ideally have had it, but it’s definitely coming!


If you haven’t yet read it, the first excerpt of LORD OF THE PRIVATEERS (as in the back of THE DAREDEVIL SNARED) is now up on my website. To access the excerpt, click HERE.  And as an added bonus, the fabulous interior artwork from LORD OF THE PRIVATEERS is below - enjoy!

Lord of the Privateers interior artwork


Now while you’re all waiting out the next few months, I’ll be head-down, writing up a storm on my next project - the next three novels of the Cynster Next Generation - the DEVIL’S BROOD TRILOGY. Sebastian, Michael, and Louisa will all get their stories in the coming year. The first novel is done, with the second being edited. Covers have been finalized, and more information will be heading your way in the next few months!

So…What’s up next?

OUT NOW! - THE DAREDEVIL SNARED, Volume 3 of THE ADVENTURERS QUARTET. The youngest of the Frobishser brothers, Caleb wants to be taken seriously by the rest of his family. He decides to seize the next leg of the mission his brothers have been pursuing in an effort to prove himself. Along the way he meets Miss Katherine Fortescue, and together they face the challenges and danger the mission—and the villains—throw in their path.

December 27, 2016 - LORD OF THE PRIVATEERS, the final installment of THE ADVENTURERS QUARTET. The eldest of the Frobisher brothers, Royd, is sent in to finish the mission, as only he can, and in the process, gets a second chance at love with Isobel Carmichael, his childhood sweetheart.

And then?

2017 will bring the next three Cynster novels, the Devil’s Brood Trilogy, featuring the romances of Devil’s children - Sebastian, Michael, and Louisa. We are also planning to release the first in a new series of Christmas novellas/short novels, featuring a lady you’ve all wanted to know much more about for years. Stay tuned for more information on all four 2017 releases.

Looking further ahead, there are many more stories on my TBW (to be written) List. In short, expect lots more Stephanie Laurens books coming your way...

If you want to keep abreast of details of what’s in the pipeline as well as being notified of my latest releases, joining my Email Newsletter List is the safest bet. It also carries links to exclusive sweepstakes and sneak peek excerpts. If you haven't yet joined, the ribbon link is to the left. Click to join – it's easy!


Until next month...

Happy reading!


My release schedule for 2016/2017 currently reads:


THE LADY'S COMMAND - The first volume in The Adventurers Quartet. A rollicking tale on the high seas! Original novel. In print and e-book, all formats, plus audio. Click on title for details.

A BUCCANEER AT HEART - The second volume in The Adventurers Quartet. A rollicking tale on the high seas! Original novel. In print and e-book, all formats, plus audio. Click on title for details.

THE DAREDEVIL SNARED - The third volume in The Adventurers Quartet. Original novel. In print and e-book, all formats, plus audio. Pre-orders available. Click on title for details.


DECEMBER 27, 2016

LORD OF THE PRIVATEERS - The fourth and final volume in The Adventurers Quartet. Original novel. In print and e-book, all formats, plus audio. Pre-orders available. Click on title for details.


The next three novels in the Cynster Next Generation - Sebastian, Michael and Louisa's stories. Look out for more information soon!

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