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January 1, 2017

Happy New Year to all my readers! I can’t believe we are already back in January. It really doesn’t feel like it here in the south of Australia - our weather is still out of sync, and at the moment we are enjoying milder, springlike weather rather than our usual hot, dry, scorching heat. Maybe that’s still to come - it would be sad to miss out on summer! On the other hand, my vegetable plants are finding the mild weather perfect for growing, and I’m watching as the plants get larger and larger each day!


Novels-wise, the LORD OF THE PRIVATEERS, final installment of THE ADVENTURER’S QUARTET, is finally around the world and available for you to devour!


Finally, you can be swept up and away by the ending to the exciting adventure of the Frobisher brothers. Eldest of the brothers, Royd is sent on a rescue mission to finish what his brothers started. Taking Isobel Carmichael - his childhood sweetheart - with him did not feature in his plans, but fate intervenes, and together they find themselves sailing for West Africa. Each have their own reasons for embarking on the mission, and both are determined to see it through. They mount a full scale assault on the mining compound hidden in the jungle outside Freetown - and discover that rescuing the captives is only half the battle. Returning to London and the glittering ballrooms of the haut ton, they, with the help of a small group of committed supporters, set out to hunt the villains down.


If you haven’t arranged your copy yet, click on the cover below for details.

 Lord of the Privateers Cover

This novel received a starred review from Publishers Weekly - 

“Laurens’s deft interweaving of backstory through characters’ thoughts and dialogue makes this series installment work as a standalone novel.The fast-moving narrative, emotionally weighty plot, and appealing cast make for a dynamic and heartwarming read.” Publishers Weekly


The recent LORD OF THE PRIVATEERS Goodreads Giveaway ended on December 15 as well - and wow! - we had a lot of entries! A big congratulations to the ten lucky winners, who will receive a personalized copy shortly - 

Nicholas Watkins, USA

Jun Wu, USA

Jeanne Ewen, USA

Pollyanna Takenaka, Brazil

Mary Preston, Australia

Daniel Svensson, Denmark

Alison Lane, Great Britain

Devrim Kiling, Great Britain

Jae Park, USA

Cheryl Sabin, USA


Of course, in typical fashion, I haven’t taken a breath between books and have several announcements for my next novel, THE LADY BY HIS SIDE - the first in the DEVIL’S BROOD TRILOGY


First announcement: If you haven’t yet noticed, THE LADY BY HIS SIDE is now available on all platforms for e-book pre-order! Print copies will be available for purchase from the day of release, and audio will be available too. The novel will be released on March 9, 2017. If you’d like to arrange your e-book copy, click on the cover below for details.

The Lady By His Side Cover

 THE LADY BY HIS SIDE opens with Sebastian keenly aware that time is running out for him to find a wife without interference—he knows the ladies in the Cynster family will take over the reins of searching for a suitable bride if he doesn’t select a candidate soon. However, when he’s asked to aid Drake Varisey, Marquess of Winchelsea and the eldest son of the Duke of Wolverstone, with an important mission, Sebastian allows himself to be distracted from his personal quest. Unexpectedly, Drake’s mission requires Sebastian to convince Lady Antonia Rawlings that he needs her help. Antonia sees no reason she shouldn’t agree to allow Sebastian to masquerade as her escort to a house party, and she seizes the opportunity to contribute to such a mission with both hands. But at the house party, Sebastian and Antonia are flung into intrigue and chaos, and as they desperately search for who is responsible for a spate of murders, the connection that has always existed between them grows, converting from that of childhood friends to one of committed lovers.


Second announcement: I’m delighted to provide you with the details of a new Goodreads Giveaway, the first for this trilogy. Click HERE to arrange your chance to win 1 of 3 personalized copies of THE LADY BY HIS SIDE! Giveaway ends on February 9 (might be best later as we won’t have books to send until after release date), 2017. Good luck!


Third announcement: An excerpt of THE LADY BY HIS SIDE is now available - click HERE to enjoy!


The last year has flown by even faster than the last, and I can hardly believe that we’re starting a new year, and the festive season is over! I hope you had a joyful and happy festive season and got to spend some quality time with your loved ones. I hope you stay safe, whether you’re in the hot sticky heat like me, or in the cold, frigid snow like many of my northern hemisphere friends.

So…What’s up next?

March 9, 2017 - The Cynster Next Generation returns with THE LADY BY HIS SIDE, first volume in the.DEVIL’S BROOD TRILOGY. Join Sebastian and Antonia as they are drawn into an intriguing murder mystery at a country house party, and the feelings that have lain dormant throughout their childhood and adolescence blossom into something more.

May 11, 2017 - AN IRRESISTIBLE ALLIANCE, second novel in the DEVIL’S BROOD TRILOGY. Michael’s story. More information to come soon.

July 13, 2017 - THE GREATEST CHALLENGE OF THEM ALL, the final novel in the DEVIL’S BROOD TRILOGY. An apt title for Louisa’s story. More information to come shortly.

And then?

Late 2017 - The first in a series of Christmas short novels featuring the redoubtable Lady Osbaldestone. More information to follow in the coming months.

Looking further ahead, there are many more stories on my TBW (to be written) List. There are more Casebook of Barnaby Adair mystery-cum-romances in the offing, as well as more Cynster Novels to come and there are other old friends, such as Ryders’s siblings, the Cavanaughs, who are still waiting for their stories. In short, expect lots more Stephanie Laurens books coming your way.

If you want to keep abreast of details of what’s in the pipeline as well as being notified of my latest releases, joining my Email Newsletter List is the safest bet. It also carries links to exclusive sweepstakes and sneak peek excerpts. If you haven't yet joined, the ribbon link is to the left. Click to join – it's easy!


Until next month...

Happy reading!


My release schedule for 2016/2017 currently reads:


LORD OF THE PRIVATEERS The fourth and final volume in The Adventurers Quartet. Original novel. In print and e-book, all formats, plus audio. Pre-orders available. Click on title for details.

THE LADY'S COMMAND - The first volume in The Adventurers Quartet. A rollicking tale on the high seas! Original novel. In print and e-book, all formats, plus audio. Click on title for details.

A BUCCANEER AT HEART - The second volume in The Adventurers Quartet. A rollicking tale on the high seas! Original novel. In print and e-book, all formats, plus audio. Click on title for details.

THE DAREDEVIL SNARED - The third volume in The Adventurers Quartet. Original novel. In print and e-book, all formats, plus audio. Pre-orders available. Click on title for details.


Starting March 9, 2017

The next three novels in the Cynster Next Generation - Sebastian, Michael and Louisa's stories. Look out for more information soon!

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