Librarian and Bookseller Information

It recently came to our attention that the print distributor we had initially been using (from 2013!) had steadily reduced its distribution reach such that our print editions through them were no longer accessible to many readers, bookstores, and libraries. Subsequently, we have changed our print distributor, and henceforth, all our print editions - all those that are not with major publishers and all those going forward - will be released via Ingram Spark and will be available worldwide via the Ingrams’ catalogues.

Beginning from May 1, 2020, the following titles will gradually be made available worldwide through your usual Ingrams distribution channels. By the end of May 2020, all these titles and all new titles subsequently released will be available to you in print editions via Ingrams.

Cynster Next Generation Novels
A Conquest Impossible to Resist   978-1-925559-38-5
The Inevitable Fall of Christopher Cynster   ISBN 978-1-925559-33-0

Devil's Brood Trilogy
The Lady By His Side  978-1-925559-40-8
An Irresistible Alliance   978-1-925559-39-2
The Greatest Challenge of them All   978-1-925559-41-5

Lady Osbaldestone's Christmas Chronicles
Lady Osbaldestone's Christmas Goose   ISBN 978-1-925559-35-4
Lady Osbaldestone And The Missing Christmas Carols   ISBN 978-1-925559-36-1
Lady Osbaldestone's Plum Puddings   ISBN 978-1-925559-37-8

The Cavanaughs
The Beguilement of Lady Eustacia Cavanaugh   ISBN 978-1-925559-34-7
The Obsessions of Lord Godfrey Cavanaugh (releasing July 16, 2020)   ISBN 978-1-925559-25-5

The Legend of Nimway Hall
1750: Jacqueline    978-1-925559-42-2

The Casebook of Barnaby Adair
The Peculiar Case of Lord Finsbury's Diamonds    ISBN 978-1-925559-2-3
The Curious Case of Lady Latimer's Shoes  ISBN 978-1-925559-30-9
The Confounding Case of the Carisbrook Emeralds    ISBN 978-1-925559-31-6
The Murder at Mandeville Hall    ISBN 978-1-925559-32-3

M.S Laurens
Desire's Prize   978-1-925559-28-6

We thank you all for your patience.