Other Novels

Some of my novels are stand-alone works that do not fall into any of the more formal groupings of my novels - the Cynster Novels, or the Bastion Club Novels, or the Black Cobra Quartet.

However, such stand-alone novels are written in the same "world" and do feature characters from the Cynster, Bastion Club, and Black Cobra novels in more minor roles. For example, in THE LADY RISKS ALL, Royce, Duke of Wolverston (from all the Bastion Club novels and also the Black Cobra novels), Christian Allardyce, Marquess of Dearne (from the Bastion Club novels) and Captain Rafe Carstairs (from the Black Cobra novels) all make an appearance.

And in reverse, Neville Roscoe, the hero of THE LADY RISKS ALL, appears in THE EDGE OF DESIRE (Bastion Club novel) and in THE RECKLESS BRIDE (Black Cobra novels) and his side-kick Jordan Draper appears in LOVING ROSE: THE REDEMPTION OF MALCOLM SINCLAIR (from The Casebook of Barnaby Adair novels).

The world of Regency London was relatively small, and the upper echelons of that society was smaller still. People did know each other, and, then even more than now, people worked with those they knew. Although, with such works as THE LADY RISKS ALL, my Regency-era world expands, it is still the same world.

And who knows? At some point, a novel that started as a stand-alone work may become the foundation for another groups of novels.

The Lady Risks All

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