UK/Harlequin Mills & Book Regencies

About Stephanie's Regency Romance Books

We constantly receive requests for information about the 8 Stephanie Laurens' Regency romances originally released through Harlequin Mills & Boon, London. Such British-style Regencies are longer (85,000 words) than those generally published in North America as traditional "Regency romances" (65,000 words), which are generally described as plays on manners.

The UK-Regency romances share more characteristics with the American works described as Historical Romances set in the Regency (90,000 words and more). Stephanie's works are definitely not like US-style "Regencies" in tone and content, but more truly reflect the Bristish tradition of historical romances set in the Regency period - and are therefore closer in tone and style to all her subsequent US-published works.

TANGLED REINS & FAIR JUNO are linked (contain principal characters who appear in both). THE REASONS FOR MARRIAGE, A LADY OF EXPECTATIONS, AN UNWILLING CONQUEST & A COMFORTABLE WIFE are all linked, one to the other, in consecutive order, but there is no requirement to read them in order, or to read one before another.

Stephanie's British-style Regencies remain under license to Harlequin, and, consequently, while they go in and out of print, or even e-book availablity, they are frequently re-published or reissued in various forms, through various avenues, in various markets, at various times. Please note you may come across a publication that combines two or more of the original books, within the same volume, under a different title, or even combines one of my books with works of other authors in a combined volume - again often with a different title.

Tangled Reins

Four in Hand

Impetuous Innocent

Fair Juno

The Reasons for Marriage

A Lady of Expectations

An Unwilling Conquest

A Comfortable Wife

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