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Stephanie's latest competition is now closed for entries! Another competition will be starting shortly.

My releases in 2022/23


A FAMILY OF HIS OWN - the fourteenth novel in the Cynster Next Generation series, Toby’s story.

MISS PRIM AND THE DUKE OF WYLDE - the thirteenth volume in the Cynsters Next Generation Series, Meg's story.

MISS FLIBBERTIGIBBET AND THE BARBARIAN - the twelfth volume in the Cynsters Next Generation Series, Nicolas' story.

THE TIME FOR LOVE - the eleventh volume in the Cynsters Next Generation Series, Martin's story.

May, 2024

Barnaby Adair fans, we are almost there! After several years on hiatus from this series, the highly anticipated next novel in the Casebook of Barnaby Adair novels is only days away!

THE MERIWELL LEGACY will be released on July 18th, and the eighth volume in the Casebook of Barnaby Adair Series.

When Lord Meriwell dies at his dining table, Nurse Veronica Haskell suspects foul play and notifies his lordship’s doctor, eminent Harley Street specialist Dr. David Sanderson. In turn, compelled by a need to protect Veronica who is at Meriwell Hall as David’s behest, David calls on his friends Barnaby and Penelope Adair for assistance.

However, as the fateful dinner was the first of a house party being attended by the local MP and his family, the Metropolitan Police commissioners also consider the Adairs’ presence desirable, and consequently, Barnaby and Penelope accompany Stokes to Meriwell Hall.

There, they discover a gathering of the Meriwell family intended to impress the visiting Busseltons so that George Busselton, local MP, will agree to a marriage between his daughter and Lord Meriwell’s eldest nephew, Stephen. But instead of any pleasant sojourn, the company find themselves confined to the hall and grounds while Stokes, Barnaby, and Penelope set about interviewing everyone and establishing facts, alibis, and the movements of those in the house.

To our investigators’ frustration, while determining the means proves straightforward, and opportunity reduces their suspect list, motive remains elusive, and their list of suspects stays stubbornly long.

Then the killer strikes again, but even then, the investigators are left with the same suspects and too many potential reasons for the second death.

What did the killer hope to gain? More importantly, will he kill again?

THE MERIWELL LEGACY is currently available for pre-order in digital, audio and print formats. If you’d like to arrange your pre-order now, click on the cover below which will take you to the website for full details.

The Meriwell Legacy

We also had a competition close recently to celebrate the release of THE MERIWELL LEGACY. Congratulations to the winners below!

Lyn J - Australia

Wendy B - Canada

Rosemary N - New Zealand

Charlotte L - USA

Karen A - USA

You have all been sent an email from admin@stephanielaurens.com with details of your winnings. If you haven’t received anything, please contact us on the email above.

Now, many of you have enjoyed my THE ADVENTURERS QUARTET series, which was originally published in 2015/2016. Over the last year, the novels have become unavailable due to the copyright licensing reverting back to me from the original publishing house. 

I am very pleased to be able to say that these novels are now back up and available after some hard work from my team to get them republished and available. 

THE ADVENTURERS QUARTET is a rollicking Regency-era adventure-romance quartet evolving from secondary characters encountered in THE LADY RISKS ALL, and also including some favorites from the Bastion Club and the Black Cobra novels.

The four volumes of THE ADVENTURERS QUARTET tell the story of four buccaneering brothers, who meet four adventurous ladies in four sultry romances while fighting to rescue others who have fallen prey to a band of villains in the deepest, darkest heart of Africa.

Click on the link HERE to take you to my website for more details, and for those of you who have been asking for these over the last year, enjoy!!

As always, stay safe, and if all else fails, sit down and read a good book!

Looking Ahead:

July 18, 2024 - THE MERIWELL LEGACY the eighth Casebook of Barnaby Adair Novel

October 17, 2024 - Dead Beside The Thames, the ninth Casebook of Barnaby Adair Novel

As ever, I truly appreciate your wonderful support. As long as you are there, wanting to read my stories, I'm happy to keep writing them!