I have always been fascinated by medieval life. Steeped as I have been for the past 40 years in Regency-era England, I found the contrast represented by medieval life intriguing. If the Regency era is the modern era stripped of technology, then the mid-medieval period is the Regency-era stripped of all creature-comforts, a time in which there existed even fewer distractions from the emotional crises of life, and even thinner veils of civilization behind which such clashes were screened. All the most powerful emotions - passion, desire, anger, greed, and all the others - are closer to the surface, more raw, more intense.

I spent over a year researching England in medieval times, reading countless academic texts, and ultimate attending a university summer school on medieval life. Consequently, I focused on the mid-14th century, a time of pageantry, of tournaments, chivalry, and armed campaigns. It was a time when noble ladies stood as regent for their husbands and ruled their lands and people whenever those lords were absent - which was frequently, and often for years. Life in castle and town was colorful and communal, and there was, necessarily, a greater balance of shared responsibility between the sexes through this time. Consequently, the mid-1300s seemed a time well suited to Stephanie Laurens' romances - a time when our heroines as well as our heroes could believably have been forceful, intelligent, headstrong, and willful, and provocative on the widest stage.

I'm delighted to be able at last to bring you my medieval romances - tales of adventure, drama, and passion in a long-forgotten age. Enjoy!

Desire's Prize

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